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International Studies
About the College

About the College


The College’s purpose is to provide education at a higher level within broadly understood socio-economic sciences. Realizing its mission the College seeks to promote higher education among the youths in the Lower Silesia region of Poland, and to equip its graduate with knowledge and competencies sought after by employers in a wide range of modern industries and business world. Our graduates might not be “walking encyclopedias”, but they undoubtedly are able to cope with professional problems in every-day life.

The College strives to enhance the learning experience with first-class degree programmes, people, and facilities. At all departments of the College you have the advantage of high-quality teaching provided by the academic staff who are experts in their fields, and whose research results are recognized at national and international levels. You come into contact with academic specialists working at the forefront of their subjects and outstanding managers offering you their exceptional practical knowledge. The staff diversification adds additional value to your educational process. The College has been maintaining many national and currently developing international university-to-university and university-to-business contacts, following its policy of openness to practice and wider world. 

Students enrolled with the College belong to one of its departments:

► Department of Finance and Banking 

► Department of Management

► Department of Social Sciences

NEW!!! Department of Languages, major in English and Spanish.

The departments provide all teaching and supervisions. They also organise extra seminars, lectures and workshops, often with reputed speakers. The College’s students have the advantage of teaching in two forms: they  attend lectures, seminars and practicals alongside other students, while enjoying more personal tuition organised by every department. 

The College premises – three modernized buildings of ca. 5 000 sq. m, are located in the very city centre, close to the Old Town of Wroclaw, within a 10-minute walk from the main railway / bus stations, and an easy reach from the Wroclaw-Strachowice airport. The buildings are housing:
► more than 40 well-equipped classrooms and lecture theatres,
► the library and reading room with an access to a range of electronic sources of information,
► IT facilities (computer suites, e-learning platform),
► language facilities
► cozy lounges/ cafeterias.  




Short introduction to Wroclaw College of Management and Finance - printable profile of our College

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